About this piece of Jewelry

A warm flowing rose gold ring holds this scintillating trillion cut blue zircon. The stone is set very smoothly for everyday wear. The zircon has a very high refractive index making it one of the sparkiest stones after diamond. Finger size 7.

Apsara Zircon comes to us from Trigem and their Fair Trade Gemstones. They say “The finest blue zircon comes from Cambodia…the traditional dancers still wear elaborate headdresses studded with precious gems as they perform Cambodia’s 2,000 year-old Apsara dance.”

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14k Rose Gold




Trigem Designs

Trigem Designs? is part of Columbia Gem House Inc, a vertically-integrated gemstone mining, cutting, and marketing company founded by Eric Braunwart in 1977. Trigem Designs creates designer jewelry featuring gemstones, manufacturing each piece in the company’s U.S. headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. This makes Columbia Gem House, Inc. one of the few companies in the world that can take a gemstone from the mine to the finished jewelry design.

This would be good for…

  • Zircon/December Birthstone Gift
  • Anniversary present