About this piece of Jewelry

This pendant is a wonderful Boulder Opal from Queensland, Australia. This Opal has nice blue, violet, purple and creamy colors.

Precious Opal is categorized into many segments. Boulder Opal comes from a mining area in western Queensland, Australia, in the Outback. The Opal formed in among Ironstone primarily but occasionally in clay or sandstone. We choose each piece that speaks to us. Most of them we get from Dufty Weis, but we also get some from other miners. Each piece is unique, which is a bit of our style so that works out great.


Boulder Opal free form sandal shape


Just the Boulder Opal


A chain is not included with this pendant, but we have plenty to choose from, please ask


Dufty Weis

 This would be good for…

  • Birthstone Gift for October
  • Anniversary Gift for 14th or 18th Anniversary
  • Summery Gift to represent the water and the sky