About this piece of Jewelry

We are so happy to have Beautiful Fairy Pendants by Portland, Oregon artist Jessica Scofield. Miniature sculptures with hand enameled wings and appropriate gemstones, white and silver pearls faceted amethyst and tourmaline briolette are held by her hands above her head. Each one is a true work of art. A wheat chain is included with each fairy pendant. 



Color: Silver/White, Green, Purple
Stone: Cultured Peal/ Amethyst / Tourmaline
Cut: near round/ faceted briolette




Sterling Silver


This pendant comes on a chain with hook clasp 18 inches.


Jessica Scofield

“My jewelry is animated by gesture: the look in a lizard’s eye, the arch of a woman’s back, and elegantly decaying leaf. It’s the details in this world that catch my eye and inform my design sense. I am intrigued by the surface of things, and how surface pattern reveals the underlying structure.”

This would be good for 

  • Anniversary Gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Personal Reward