About this piece of Jewelry

A miniature sculpture a graceful fairy with enameled wings holds a faceted rose tourmaline overhead; charming tourmaline dangles add to this fanciful piece. Special order item. Portland, OR artist Jessica Scofield


Color: Green, Rose
Stone: Tourmaline
Cut: faceted roundel bead, teardrop, sphere



18k Yellow


This pendant does not include a chain; please call or email us if you’d like advice on available chain options.


Jessica Scofield

“My jewelry is animated by gesture: the look in a lizard’s eye, the arch of a woman’s back, an elegantly decaying leaf. It’s the details in this world that catch my eye and inform my design sense. I am intrigued by the surface of things, and how surface pattern reveals the underlying structure.”
This would be good for…

  • Anniversary Gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Personal Reward