About this piece of Jewelry

This Sunlab pendant features a fun collection of colors and images. It features a rectangular shaped, approx 100 ct., Labradorite with a handcrafted bail of sterling silver and accented by a round 0.25 ct. Oregon Sunstone set into a 14k Yellow Gold bezel setting. Oregon Sunstone is a special type of Labradorite that displays Schiller or aventurescence due to copper inclusions. We included several photos with different colored backgrounds to show you how this Labradorite’s appearance changes with different backgrounds.  A one-of-a-kind creation by Julie Strader, Hood River Jewelers Designer and Goldsmith.


Labradorite and Oregon Sunstone


Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold


Julie Strader, Hood River Jewelers

This would be good for…

  • Mother’s Day
  • Anniversary Gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Summertime gift