About this piece of Jewelry

This beautiful ring features a stunning Red Spinel in a 14k white gold ring with Rose Gold accents.  Spinel was considered a Collector’s Gemstone for many years, a must have for serious gem collectors. It has recently been added as one of the Birthstones for August. Spinel has incredible brilliance, outstanding durability and can be found in a variety of colors. This Red Spinel measures 5.6 mm in diameter. Finger Size 7


Carat Weight: 5.6 mm  diameter Spinel



14k White Gold and Rose Gold




 Julie Strader, Goldsmith and Designer, set this spinel into this semi mount ring and added embellishments 

This would be good for…

  • Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring
  • Anniversary Present (Spinel is for the 22th Anniversary)
  • August/Spinel Birthstone Gift
  • Promise Ring