Guess how many pearls are in the vase to win Pearl Earrings for Mother’s Day

We have a vase of pearls in our front window. Come in and guess how many pearls are in the vase for a chance to win a beautiful pair of Pearl Earrings for Mother’s Day. Someone will win, make sure you are entered.



Caring for your Fine Pearls

How to Clean & Store Pearls (from Jewelers of America)

Apply cosmetics, hair sprays and perfume before putting on any pearl jewelry. When you remove the jewelry, wipe it carefully with a soft cloth to remove any traces of these substances.
You can also wash your pearl jewelry with mild soap and water. Do not clean cultured […]

Fun Gem Facts about Pearls

From the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Pearls have been treasured for thousands of years. Natural pearls were long associated with royalty. Cultured pearls (made by human intervention) put pearls in the reach of consumers. Now new colors and shapes fill our display cases in prices everyone can afford. Come in to see our wonderful […]

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Fun Gem Facts about Zircon, the Original December Birthstone

From Stuller: BLUE ZIRCON

December’s birthstone combines a gorgeous green blue color with a fiery brilliance akin to diamond. In fact for centuries, people confused colorless zircon with diamond. Today, unfortunately, many consumers think zircon is the same as lab-grown cubic zirconia. This error keeps them from enjoying zircon’s sparkling beauty.

Aging gracefully

How long has zircon been […]

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Fun Gem Facts-Sapphire

From Gemological Institute of America (GIA): Sapphire evokes images of velvety blue, but the gem actually comes in many colors. It is found in blue, pink, yellow, green and in many others. The quality of cut, in addition to the color, is the key to sapphire’s beauty.

Sapphires are found in many locales. We are proud […]

Fun Gem Facts about Emeralds

Many cultures have favorite Green Gemstones that have significant meanings. When we think of Green Gemstones, Emerald is often the first one that we think of. Emerald, the Beautiful Green variety of Beryl, is thought to represent life, fertility, rebirth and enduring love. Enjoy Emeralds.

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Fun Gem Facts about Garnets

From Rare Earth Mining:


The name “garnet” comes from the Medieval Latin word, “granatum”, which is an adjective meaning “dark-red”. It is thought that this adjective could have been extracted from the word “pomegranate”, due to the colour of the seed coats or shape of the seeds.

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December Birthstones are Zircon and Tanzanite

December has 2 wonderful Birthstones, Zircon and Tanzanite. Here is a link to a nice article about these gemstones:

Customer Appreciation Sale and Open House

Every year we have a Downtown Open House and Holiday Sale in Downtown Hood River. We call it our Customer Appreciation Sale. This is our one sale of the year and it is the week before Thanksgiving. Starting on Thursday, November 19 until Wednesday, November 25 we will have out special Shop Local and Shop […]

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Sapphire and Diamond ring, 14k white gold

Alternating round blue sapphires and round diamonds make up this channel set ring. Channel set rings are very strong and excellent for everyday wear and an active lifestyle. Size 7

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