Custom Designed Jewelry

Hood River Jewelers helps you celebrate and remember those very special moments and occasions in your life.

We are the sigh of a loved one when receiving a special gift of fine jewelry.
We take the care and time to design a piece of jewelry that will reflect the care and time you put into the idea of giving the gift.
We like to capture the sigh of happiness when receiving the perfect unique piece of jewelry designed especially for them.
“I sometimes find it difficult to express the good times, the times without struggle or conflict, the times without searching, the times when I am with peace with the world and myself.”  These are the times to receive unique gifts of jewelry when the emotion is hard to express.

The celebration of asking my dream girl to share the rest of our lives together, the celebration of that special day when we asked our most special guests to witness our ceremony,  the celebration of every anniversary and birthday, the celebration of giving birth, the celebration of finally completing the studies and graduating, the celebration of passing those tests and receiving that new certification, the celebration of loosing those last 10 pounds, the celebration of buying that new house, the celebration of gaining a new sense of independence, the celebration of finishing that last cancer treatment, the celebration of finally making it home, the celebration of realizing how much you still love her and want to say just because, the celebration of forgiving yourself and being able to move on in life.