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Phenomenal Gemstones-Types of Precious Opals

Precious Opals are often categorized into several type which I will list and briefly describe below Black Opals are Precious Opals with a black or gray background color. These opals are usually translucent to opaque.White Opals are Precious Opals with a white or light background and are usually translucent to opaque.Crystal Opals have more transparency, [...]

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Phenomenal Gemstones-Opals, Precious or Common

Opals can be divided into many groupings. We make jewelry with many different types of Opals and I will talk all about all of those types. The first division or groupings addresses the Phenomenal Opals or Precious Opals from Common Opals. The Phenomena that Opals display is called Play of Color. The Play of Color [...]

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Phenomenal Gemstones

Gemstone Phenomena can be described as interesting or entertaining ways that light and color reflect in and out of gemstones, or special ways gemstones transmit and reflect light. Common phenomena in gemstones are stars or asterism, cat's eye or chatoyancy, color change, play of color, iridescence, orient, adularescence, labradorescence and aventurescence. I will try to [...]

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Exotic Wood Jewelry Boxes

                We make much of the jewelry we offer but we also feature jewelry from Artists and Designers that we know. We also have other art forms in our store from Artists that we like, like these Wooden Jewelry Boxes made of repurposed Exotic Wood. Many of the [...]

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