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Exotic Wood Jewelry Boxes

                We make much of the jewelry we offer but we also feature jewelry from Artists and Designers that we know. We also have other art forms in our store from Artists that we like, like these Wooden Jewelry Boxes made of repurposed Exotic Wood. Many of the [...]

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Thank you

  So lucky to live, work and play in Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge. Honored to be given an award from our awesome Hood River County Chamber and be a part of the Ambassador Crew. Being able to contribute to the development and maintenance of a vibrant local economy is priceless! Thank you, [...]

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Sphene earrings, 14 karat yellow gold leverback earrings

Sphene earrings, 14k yellow gold decorative leverback earrings with sphene, a yellowish green collector's gemstone that is so sparkly  http://hood-river-jewelers.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_75&products_id=478 Sparkle and color to adorn your ears Sphene is a unique gem to add to your collection. Featuring a high refractive index which gives them marvelous sparkle, Sphene is a green-yellow stone that gives small [...]

The Wolf Necklace with boulder opal, pearls, apatite and sleeping beauty turquoise

The Wolf Necklace was designed here by Emma Spaulding with boulder opal, pearls, apatite, sleeping beauty turquoise and quartz crystals  http://hood-river-jewelers.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_76&products_id=470 A dramatic grey boulder opal with veins of blue and green is the centerpiece of this piece. This piece is named 'The Wolf' because the darkest gray forms the image of a wolf in [...]

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Gem Roundtable at Hood River Jewelers

Gem Roundtable at Hood River Jewelers on Tuesday, December 3 at 4 pm. Enjoy seeing beautiful gemstones in a fun and relaxing environment. View a wide variety of gemstones in many colors, all unique, precious and rare. Purchase your favorite gemstones which we can design and craft into a wonderful piece of jewelry. Seating is [...]

Shop Local, Shop Early

In Downtown Hood River , we have an Open House the entire week before Thanksgiving, to show how much we appreciate our local customers. Please Shop Local and Shop Early this season. See you around town!

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Diamond Zig Zag Ring, 14 karat white gold

Diamonds set in a zig zag pattern, hills and valleys, ups and downs, very nice for an anniversary ring. And you can get matching earrings?  http://hood-river-jewelers.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=60_86&products_id=200 A fanciful zig-zag of flush set diamonds .16ct total weight adorn this horzontally brushed textured band. The flush set design of this ring allows for an active lifestyle. Size [...]

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