Fun Gem Facts-Sapphire

From Gemological Institute of America (GIA): Sapphire evokes images of velvety blue, but the gem actually comes in many colors. It is found in blue, pink, yellow, green and in many others. The quality of cut, in addition to the color, is the key to sapphire's beauty. Sapphires are found in many locales. We are [...]

Sapphire Three Stone Vintage Style Ring

Sapphire Three Stone Vintage Style Ring From designer A. Jaffee this is stunning vintage look of pierced patterns set with diamonds on the shank. In the center two diamonds and a deep blue sapphire represent your past-present-and future together. This could be a unique engagement ring, or a long awaited anniversary gift. This amazing piece [...]

Stackable Rings

What can I do for a great Christmas Gift?  Stackables are smaller rings that are worn together for a bigger look.  Stackable rings can be made with different colored gemstones and diamonds, a variety of metal types and colors.  Stackables can be personalized to your taste.  They can be worn with current rings or worn [...]

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