Earring Sale for Mother’s Day

We want all Mother’s to have new earrings this Mother’s Day, so all of our earrings (except Estate and Consignment) are on Sale Friday and Saturday for your Mother’s Day Shopping. See you soon.

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Phenomenal Gemstones-Opals, Precious or Common

Opals can be divided into many groupings. We make jewelry with many different types of Opals and I will talk all about all of those types. The first division or groupings addresses the Phenomenal Opals or Precious Opals from Common Opals. The Phenomena that Opals display is called Play of Color. The Play of Color […]

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Phenomenal Gemstones

Gemstone Phenomena can be described as interesting or entertaining ways that light and color reflect in and out of gemstones, or special ways gemstones transmit and reflect light. Common phenomena in gemstones are stars or asterism, cat’s eye or chatoyancy, color change, play of color, iridescence, orient, adularescence, labradorescence and aventurescence. I will try to […]

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Estate Jewelry Sale

We are having an Estate Jewelry Sale starting November 17th (many items available now). Lots to choose from, Vintage, contemporary, period pieces, etc. You are invited.

We sell Estate Jewelry on Consignment and we have plenty of wonderful items for you. We try to preserve or reuse as many pieces of jewelry as possible rather than […]

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Ring and Jewelry Appraisals: What You Need to Know for Insurance

Posted by Jessica VandenHouten on Jun 23, 2017 9:37:00 AM
This article has been copied (with our comments) from a recent Jewelers Mutual Clarity Newsletter 

Getting a ring appraisal isn’t exactly something you do every day, and unknowns can be intimidating.

It’s time to set the record straight on some common misconceptions about when a ring appraisal is needed, when […]

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day

14k Rose Gold Vintage Filigree Style ring with diamond

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Thank you

As we wrap up our 15th year and soon begin our 16th year, we want to say thank you to everyone that keep us going each day. Our wonderful customers from near and far, we do this all for you, we thank you for your love and support, and your appreciation for fine jewelry. Our […]

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Open for Holiday Hours

We are open today. We will open the next two Sundays from 12 noon to 4 pm, and we will be open 10-6 the next two weeks M-Sat. Extra hours on Sundays and an extra hour on the other days for your convenient Christmas shopping. We will close at 4 pm on Christmas Eve.

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Customer Appreciation Sale and Holiday Open House


Today is the first day of our week long Customer Appreciation Sale. Every year in Downtown Hood River we have a Shop Local and Shop Early Holiday Open House and our version is our Customer Appreciation Sale the week before Thanksgiving.

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Oregon and Washington necklaces

Saw these, would anyone be interested in these necklaces?

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